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Premier League discuss in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Premier League discuss in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Premier League clubs will gather again on April 3 to discuss next steps amid the coronavirus pandemic- According to the free soccer tips page!

It was announced last week that English professional football had been put on hold until April 30 at the earliest.

It is understood the April 3 date had already been pencilled in as one of the league's regular shareholders' meetings, but will be used as the latest of the competition's emergency gatherings to discuss contingencies following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Last week the Football Association board said it had agreed an indefinite extension to the 2019-20 season, which under its regulations should have been completed by June 1 at the jackpot soccer tip

World governing body FIFA has established a working group to look at adjustments that will be needed to player contracts in the likelihood that domestic campaigns across Europe extend beyond June 30, when standard deals expire.

FIFA is also looking at adjustments lớn the summer transfer window.

The PA news agency understands the idea of the 2019-20 season being declared 'null and void' was not discussed last week, but it has been reported that among various modelling that was looked at, options around 'curtailment' of the season were examined.

While the Premier League has kept a date on its potential return, football in Spain is on indefinite hold.

A joint statement from the Spanish federation and LaLiga released on Monday morning saying it would await government advice on when the competition should restart.

Meanwhile, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has called for clarification on whether football clubs in the United Kingdom will be eligible for funding from the government.

A letter lớn Secretary of State Oliver Dowden, signed by Julian Knight, chair of the DCMS Committee, read: "Every sector in the economy is feeling the strain right now, and sport is no different.

"We would welcome your responses to the following questions: The Government did not intervene lớn postpone sporting events and fixtures but has instead allowed sports authorities lớn make the call themselves. What was the reason for this approach and under what circumstances would the Government itself take action?

"Can you also confirm that clubs are able lớn be eligible for support from the Government? What can be done where revenue is lost rather than deferred, such as for clubs whose seasons have been cancelled or who rely on hospitality offerings?"

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